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Nashi Yaiza Pro toilet installation

It is essential to take these measurements into account when preparing the installation of the Yaiza Pro toilet. Both the water inlet and the socket must be located one on each side of the toilet. It is not advisable to hide them behind the toilet, as in case of need, we would not be able to access them to close the stopcock or unplug the toilet without disassembling it. The height of these connections is irrelevant, as is the right or left location of the water connection or the plug.

1. Flow restrictor

All the components required for installation are located inside the box. To begin with, we will identify a black part which is a flow restrictor. This piece has an arrow indicating the direction in which the water should flow once it is installed. It is crucial to make sure that this piece is facing the correct direction, as if it is fitted the wrong way round, the toilet will not work.

We will connect this piece to the water inlet hose of the toilet at one end, and at the other end, we will connect the hose that will go to the stopcock.

Using the T-shaped adapter, connect this hose together with a filter to the stopcock. At the opposite end of the filter, we will connect a white hose, which is the one that supplies water for the flushing function, and the other end of this hose will be connected to the toilet, following the indications in the attached photograph.

2.   3.     4.  

To fix the toilet to the floor it is advisable to first fit the gasket to the toilet, and then fit the toilet to the drain, to ensure that the gasket is correctly positioned.

Once you have completed the installation of the toilet, open the stopcock and connect the plug to the mains. The toilet will perform a series of automatic tests. We recommend that you wait five minutes before using the toilet.

If, when using the drain function, you notice that the toilet does not have enough power, we advise you to check that the hose at the back of the toilet is not bent, as this could hinder the proper flow of water.

If after following these steps you are still experiencing problems, we recommend that you open a support ticket so that our technical team can provide you with personalised assistance. You can do this by completing the appropriate form on our official website via the following link:


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